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The Crimson Closet

Valentine's day

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Kiss me
Living Dead Lolita

Valentine's day

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Kiss me

I don't like Valentine's day. Why? Because, like Christmas, everyone is crazy about it! At my job, we had our (ugly) Valentine's day decoration one month before the actual celebration! Common!!!! For me, Valentine's day is just a day where you think about love. It may sound cheesy, but I think that this day serves to remember how much you love those around you and to think about how you are satifisfied in your relations. Like this morning, my boyfriend was so sweet! (I live with my boyfriend, by the way :) ) He woke up and gave me a box of chocolate, and he told me this was the first part of my gift! Aaaaaw (honestly, I have no idea of what he bought me o_O)! I will buy him a little box of chocolate today, but on the White Day, I will buy him something bigger, maybe a book ^^!

Tonight, I will show him my new black and red underwears! They are so fancy and cuuuute!!! >.<

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