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The Crimson Closet

Gothic and Lolita Bibles #2 and 3

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Kiss me
Living Dead Lolita

Gothic and Lolita Bibles #2 and 3

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Kiss me
Woohoo! I won two old Gothic and Lolita Bibles issues on Ebay! I got them for 15$ each, which is quite expensive for a magazine, but way cheaper than Amazon (which sells them like 30$ each -_-*).
So, why am I happy for gaining old magazines? Because I'd lke to have all the G&LB, one day. I am of the people who refuses to see trends in Lolita fashion. For me, Lolita is timeless... And I want the old G&LB issues also for Mihara Mitsukazu's short stories!>.< I LOVE what she does (I bought the two mangas made by her my bookstore had, and I am looking for more ^^), and I was sad when I found she wasn't drawing for the Gothic and Lolita Bibles anymore...

Here is one of my favourite pics:
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