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The Crimson Closet

Why did I chose a soldier?

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Kiss me
Living Dead Lolita

Why did I chose a soldier?

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Kiss me
My life is so fascinating right now I feel like in a soap opera >.<.

My ex-boyfriend got himself a girl, but I would be happier if the girl haven't slept with half of the guys of my roleplaying association... I mean, he could REALLY get better. I know it's is life, but I still think he could have chosen a nice and pretty girl who haven't slept with his friends!

Personnally I don't want to get into another relationship. I'm tired of routine, discussions about problems in the couple and plans for the future involving a family >.< I never liked those things and when I was in couple, I felt emprisonned. I need someone less... serious, I guess ^^ (I knew Gemini and Taurus couldn't go along well...).
Right now I'm waiting for my "chick" (haha that's funny to use this word for a guy) to come back from his military training. I've seen him during his week-end off, one week and three days ago. I like him a lot and I think he likes me too but since the two of us run away from comittement like plague, it's just flirting. I like this situation, but since he's gone for 3 more weeks, I just feel completely alone. I don't want to look at him as a prince, but it's hard to do when you see yourself as a princess XD.
So I'm waiting for my soldier to come back, like in war movies. I love war movies :D I should listen 40's music for the mood.

I went to Ottawa in Lolita with my friend (which I'll call VK Girl) and I bought for 50$ of guipure ^^. This thing is freaking exensive, but it was the same lace Antique beasT uses from time-to-time, but in BLACK!!!!! ZOMG lace!!!!! 8D
I think I found a picture... it's the lace at the top in the picture of the skirt, with the rose pattern ^^

D&eacute;tail de dentelle

At least sewing is here to keep me from insanity :P Long live Gosurori patterns!
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