The Crimson Closet

Living Dead Lolita
23 May 1989
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Why crimson? Because it's my favourite lipstick color!
My usual screen name is Living Dead Lolita or Zombie Lolita.
I follow the lolita lifestyle, and I dress mostly erololita, himelolita and gothic lolita. I am short, I have long boring brown hair and hazel eyes.
I love all things old-fashioned (jewels, make-up, clothes, music, etc.), and icons from the past are my source of inspiration (with Kana!)
I am living with my boyfriend and my best friend and I got to the university.
I dream of having my own erololita brand, and live in a mansion with zombies in the basement.
My best way of dying would be to blow myself with a bunch of zombies to save the people I care about (yeah, you'll end up dying of caffeine overdose, looser!)
I love corsets and old-fashioned lingerie (like bloomers and garters) and I want a walk-in closet full of corsets (actually I have 4 but... one day...!